Mozilla Firefox

To use CSSI enabled smart card with Mozilla Firefox, you need to configure Firefox with the CSSI PKCS112 module as followed.


Select Options from the Menu:


Select "Advanced" and then the "Certificates" tab


Click on "Security Devices"


Click on "Load"



Click "Browse" and navigate to the Windows directory on the boot drive (usually C:).


On Windows 64 bit (x86/x64) systems: go to the SysWOW64 directory, and select cmP11.dll

On Windows 32 bit (x86) systems: go to the System32 directory, and select cmP11.dll

CSSI for Mac: the PKCS11 library can be found in /Application/Charismathics/libcmP11.dylib
CSSI for Linux: set the path to the PKCS11 library:

Note: For 64bit applications go to the System32 directory, and select cpP1164.dll.


The smart card reader and smart card should now be available.  You can log in to the smart card by clicking the "Log In" button. The status windows should display the information on the reader and smart card.



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