How can I Troubleshoot the TPM?


To troubleshoot the TPM, first run tpm.msc from the Windows command line.

TPM Not Found or Not Available

The TPM is shown as not available. Log into your PC BIOS, and set the TPM state to "Enabled". You may also have to enable the TPM to be managed by the Operating System, and some BIOS versions require you to first set the TPM availability to "Available" from "Hidden".  How this is done is specific to manufacturer of the PC. See your manufacturers support pages to see how set the BIOS settings. 

Note: Most BIOS settings require a BIOS Admin Password to enable the TPM.  If this is the case, make sure to save the BIOS password.

TPM Ownership not set

Tpm.msc can see the TPM, but ownership has not been taken. You must take ownership by initializing the TPM, and turn the TPM on. 

In the Action tab of tpm.msc select "Initialize TPM" and follow the steps.You may also have to turn on the TPM and set an Owner Password.  You may have to restart the computer, and approve the changes on the BIOS security screen.





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