CVSC: Testing the Virtual Smart Card

Logging in to the Smart Card using the CSSI Administrator Utility

To test the Virtual Smart card, open up the CSSI Middleware Admin Utility.

Click on the Virtual Smart Card. Log in to the token from the Token Menu, Login. (The default PIN is "11111111").


You can use the Admin utility to create keys, import a PFX file and generate a self signed certificate.

Creating a Key Pair

Make sure you are logged into the token. If not, log into the token from the Token Menu.

Select generate Key Pair from the Key Pair menu.

Select the type of key pair you need.

The Key pair will appear in its own container.

Creating a Self Signed Certificate

A self signed certificate is an easy way to test out the Virtual Smart Card.

Select the key pair you want to use.  Select the Certificate menu, then "Create Self Signed Certificate".

Enter the certificate data.  The only required data is the Surname.

Step through the additional steps.  The certificate will appear in the same container as the key pair.



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