Deleting Virtual Smart Cards

Deleting the Virtual Smart Card is done using the following command:

vscmgr.exe–d [--id PROMPT]

Parameters for delete command.

The command securely deletes a virtual smart card from the user’s computer.




Specifies the instance ID of the virtual smart card to be removed. The instance ID was generated as output by vscmgr.exe when the card was created. This refers to the reader index id . This parameter is a required field for the delete command.

DEFAULT value is virtual card at reader index 0.

PROMPT user to enter reader id to be removed.


Delete ALL Virtual Smart Cards


Displays Help for this command.

Note: The instance ID can also be found by running the List command (-l)

Example: Delete card with ID 1

vscmgr.exe –d --id 1

Example: Delete all cards

vscmgr.exe –d --ALL



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