Unblock Virtual Smart Card with SO PIN / PUK

This function is used to RESET the PIN using the PUK if the unblocktype while creating the card was defined as as SO PIN / PUK.

vscmgr.exe –unlockwithsopin [--id PROMPT] [--sopin PROMPT ] [--newpin PROMPT]




Specifies the instance ID of the virtual smart card to be reset. The instanceID was generated as output by vscmgr .exe when the card was created. This refers to the reader index id . This parameter is a required field for the getchallenge command.

DEFAULT value is virtual card at reader index 0.

PROMPT user to enter reader id to be reset.


Indicates the desired PIN Unlock Key (PUK) value. This value must have been set at the time the Virtual Smart Card was created.

PROMPT Administrator to enter the SOPIN value


Specifies the new PIN for the virtual smart card.

PROMPT user to enter the new user PIN.


Displays Help for this command.


Example: reset PIN to 12345678 using SO PIN 11111111

Vscmgr.exe –unlockwithsopin –id 1 –sopin 11111111 –newpin 12345678.


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